Launch Tues. May 28 at PPCA in Toronto

While it may seem ridiculous to have a launch for an interactive virtual web based work that anyone can watch anywhere in the world at anytime… Please join if you can: Tues. May 28, 6-8 pm at Paul Petro Contemporary Art in Toronto.  980 Queen St West, Toronto.

SOLOFORDUET.CA, Eve Egoyan explores the space between what a piano can do and what she wishes a piano could do. Put on your headphones and take a journey with Eve, behind the music and beyond what is presented on stage.

Created with HELIOS DESIGN LABS Interactive Directors Alex Wittholz and Su Rynard,Produced by Heather Grieve.


August 20, 2018
–  Digital Original Series Gives Viewers a Closer Look at the Everyday World Around Them–
(New York, NY) – Discovery Digital announced today the launch of Don’t Blink. Playfully poignant and delightfully artful, the short series “Don’t Blink” is a photographic and scientific exploration of the extraordinary parts of our daily world that cannot be seen by the naked eye. a photographic and scientific examination of the extraordinary parts of our daily world that cannot be seen by the naked eye. The new digital original series is currently available to stream on Discovery Channel GO and SCI GO.
Created to entertain and inform, Don’t Blink is imbued with Discovery Channel’s commitment to exploration and creativity. Created specifically for Discovery Channel GO and SCI GO, the show’s amazing visuals and illuminating science stretch the boundaries of sight and sound to reveal the magic and wonder in the everyday world. Director/Producer Su Rynard used state-of-the-art technology and unique photographic techniques to bring these images to life in a way never done before. In each episode, viewers will explore imagery of different natural phenomena and dive deeper into the science behind them.
Weirdly, they don’t say in the above press release above that each ep is 5-9 minutes long. Enjoy!

“As Soon As Weather Will Permit” Featured twice on Labocine


by Sidney Perkowitz

Abstract Theory Has Real Consequences, In The Past And Today

Creating and understanding these abstractions is not easy, which is why minds like Albert Einstein’s are uncommon. But several films in the Labocine collection help by adding visual and dramatic heft to the abstractions or by seeing them from new angles, and by showing how they can change us, especially the theory of relativity through its role in nuclear weaponry.


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Weather reports, those daily attempts to predict the future, may sometimes appear to be more a form of divination or mythology than an exact science. Climatological data, on the other hand, is all too clear: the rise in average temperatures in parallel with atmospheric carbon, increasingly unstable weather conditions across the globe, melting ice caps, rising sea levels. For our December issue, the end of a tumultuous 2017, we will consider ordinary, exotic, and extreme weather forms (fog, drought, wind, flooding, falling ash, madness, balloons), and the climatological end of the world. Forecasts, here, take many forms, from data gathered over many years on an isolated glacier and detailed surveys of the present earth to speculative dystopias where humanity must contend with climate-induced surplus, hide indoors from killing conditions, or dream of the hospitable Earth as we have it now. Other films suggest that climate shifts and societal collapse may be just part of the anthropological cycle. So enjoy all of this while it lasts: 2018 may be the year to adapt or fade into the geological record for future generations of intelligent sea creatures to interpret when they inherit the Earth from us.


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Uk Cinema Tour for The Messenger documentary

The UK tour of THE MESSENGER starts at Purbeck Film Festival in Wareham October 26, before travelling to Nottingham, Oswestry, Suffolk, Manchester and Liverpool.  For more information visit The Messenger website

UK Screenings