Launch Tues. May 28 at PPCA in Toronto

While it may seem ridiculous to have a launch for an interactive virtual web based work that anyone can watch anywhere in the world at anytime… Please join if you can: Tues. May 28, 6-8 pm at Paul Petro Contemporary Art in Toronto.  980 Queen St West, Toronto. 

As Soon As Weather Will Permit

As Soon As Weather Will Permit

Winner: People’s Choice Award, Imagine Science Film Festival, New York.  Runner up: Nature Scientific Merit Award, Imagine Science Film Festival, New York As Soon As Weather Will Permit reflects upon one person’s story within the inimitable confluence events that led to the drop of the first atomic bomb in 1945. After not seeing my uncle […]



The installation consists of a series of several large photographs, a plot of soil and wild plants. The photos were taken at the Millennium Seed Bank just outside London, UK

Apples (Malus Domestica)


Over 7500 different kinds of apples (malus domestica) are known to exist, but only a few are grown today. Each cultivar has it’s own characteristics, and it’s own name.

Drowning London


Decades ago before the words climate and change were inextricably linked, there was a board game called “Taxi” in which players become licensed taxi-cab drivers plying for hire on the roads of central London.



BEAR consists of a rear screen video projection within a wildlife diorama. The diorama case, constructed from the classic materials of museum display — mahogany & glass, (38” long, 24” high and 20” deep) is the sculptural component of the installation.

Bug Girl


A young girl has lost her cat. While searching for her cat she accidentally swallows a bee.