Moshe Hammer


TV (Director)

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  • Su Rynard is a Director on a number of series television projects, recent credits include: Mayday/Air Crash Investigation Produced by Cineflix for National Geographic USA/UK, Nazi Hunters Produced by ...

Drowning London

  • Featured, Installation
  • Decades ago before the words climate and change were inextricably linked, there was a board game called “Taxi” in which players become licensed taxi-cab drivers plying ...

Coronation Park

  • Featured, Film and Video Art
  • Coronation Park is constructed from haunting, sometimes abstract, cool blue shots of bare maple and oak trees in winter. The images are paired with the single ...


  • Featured, Installation
  • BEAR consists of a rear screen video projection within a wildlife diorama. The diorama case, constructed from the classic materials of museum display -- mahogany & ...