• July 13, 2020
  • TV
photo credit Don_Komarechka

photo credit Don_Komarechka

Digital Original Series Gives Viewers a Closer Look at the Everyday World Around Them


(New York, NY) – Discovery Digital announced today the launch of Don’t Blink, a photographic and scientific examination of the extraordinary parts of our daily world that cannot be seen by the naked eye. The new digital original series is currently available to stream on Discovery Channel GO and  SCI GO.

The 5-episode series:

WATCH Ep 1: Dreams of Flying

For centuries humans have been looking to the skies and dreaming of flight. Featuring extraordinary cinematography that reveals the motion of small birds in flight and mesmerizing footage of Starling Murmurations, Rynard takes us behind the scenes to reveal the unique process used to capture these fascinating images. Featuring commentary from biologist Kenneth C. Welch, Jr. and biologist Christopher G. Guglielmo.

WATCH Ep 2: Because it’s Beautiful

The stunning photography of Don Komarechka brings the beauty of snow to life, making the world a more beautiful place. Nonlinear Physicist Stephen W. Morris unravels the mystery of how a snowflake is formed and how each one is completely unique.

WATCH Ep 3: Beauty or Beast

Explore the wondrous side of the common mosquito and the essential role it plays in the web of life. Featuring biologist Fiona Hunter, entomologist Curtis Russell and incredible macroinsect photography by award winning cinematographer Mark Ellam.

WATCH Ep 4: Out of Sight

Ever wonder what the world might look like beyond the visible light spectrum? Cameras can capture UV and infrared light beyond the ability of the human eye, opening up the secrets of the cosmos and our own macro universe. This episode reveals the world as it has never been seen before. Featuring photographer Don Komarechka and Biological Physicist Christopher Bergevin.

WATCH Ep 5: A Delicate Balance

By looking closely at the common icicle, Physicist Stephen Morris reveals how science can be a powerful lens through which to view the mystery and beauty of the everyday phenomena. Photographer Don Komarechka captures the amazing patterns of ice-bubbles in ways you have never seen before.