An intimate portrait of a remarkable artist – Eve Egoyan.

Eve Egoyan is a renowned pianist and one of the world’s most sought-after interpreters of contemporary new music.

Startling, playful and urgent, the story unfolds over a one-year period wherein Eve develops daring new work that pushes the boundaries of her art, her instrument and herself.

Born in Victoria B.C. Canada, a prodigy within an extraordinarily family, Eve is the daughter of Armenian artists who emigrated from Cairo, and the sister of filmmaker Atom. The film weaves the personal and the private with unexpected musical moments —each one exploring the events that have shaped Eve and left their mark on who she is today.

Beautifully photographed and crisply edited, Duet for Solo Piano is a true process documentary wherein Egoyan redefines the traditional conceptions of piano and pianist, on a journey to find her own voice.

Duet for Solo Piano features collaborators and composers Nicole Lizée, John Oswald, David Rokeby, Linda Catlin Smith and Michael Snow.


Format UHD / DCP

16: 9 /  1.78:1  

5.1 sound

72 minutes, 2019 CANADA