Kardia weaves fable, fiction, science and metaphor to tell the story of Hope, a pathologist who embarks on an unusual journey of reconciliation. Hope discovers that the experimental heart operation she underwent as a child has mysteriously linked her life with another. To unlock the secret of her past, Hope revisits the curious tale of her childhood and explores the landscape of love, loss and the human heart.

“Kardia actually tries to be about something — something worth exploring — and too few films dare to do that …” –BRUCE KIRKLAND The Toronto Sun


Dramatic feature film, 35mm film 2005. 85 minutes
Produced by Alcina Pictures. Distributed by Maple Pictures
Cast: Mimi Kuzyk, Peter Stebbings, Kristin Booth, Ariel Waller

winner of the Alfred P. Sloan Feature Film Prize, Hamptons Film Festival, New York
winner of the Best Narrative Film Award SCinema Film Festival, Sydney Australia