2017, Documentary, 63 minutes

How can a tiny mosquito be such an enormous threat to humankind? And how is it that this once distant threat is now lurking in our own backyards? Filmed on four continents and featuring breathtaking macro photography, Mosquito paints an emotionally charged portrait of the people who are now living with mosquito borne diseases and others who fear their arrival. Try as we might to rid humanity of this problem, the mosquito inevitably outsmarts us, rendering us vulnerable and unprepared for the next epidemic. But are we the victim or perpetrator? Around the globe, human impacts are driving many creatures to edge of extinction, yet we humans have changed the planet for the betterment of the mosquito.

Produced by yap films inc. Elliott Halpern & Elizabeth Trojian

Executive Producer for Discovery US: John Hoffman

Associate Producer: Alex Ranken

Director: Su Rynard

Featuring: Bill Gates, Dino Martins, Bart Knols, Laura Harrington, Ali S. Khan, Phillip Stoddard, Thomas Frieden, Constancia Ayres

Narrator: Jeremy Renner

Cinematography: Mark Ellam

Editor: Steve Weslak & Michele Francis

Composer: Tom Third