The installation consists of a series of several large photographs, a plot of soil and wild plants. The photos were taken at the Millennium Seed Bank just outside London, UK. This seed bank, like others around the world functions as a repository for endangered plant life and as an insurance policy against near-apocalyptic disasters such as global warming, nuclear or biological warfare, or gene pollution from genetically engineered plants. Currently, one quarter of the plants on earth are facing extinction.

Far from being the sort of Garden of Eden environment one might expect from this repository of all things green, the seed bank is a hi-tech, controlled environment which even on the inside, can only be viewed through multiple layers of glass. The photographs draw out the unexpected ways that the reflections in the glass merge the inside of the seed bank with the natural environment that surrounds it. While the plot of living, wild plants contained within the gallery space, serve as a tactile reminder of both nature’s frailty and endurance. In this way, the work captures the incongruous function of a seed bank — an elaborate man-made fortress created to save the natural world from the destruction that we as humans cause.