Duet For Solo Piano


An intimate portrait of a remarkable artist – Eve Egoyan. Eve Egoyan is an internationally renowned pianist and one of the world’s most sought-after interpreters of contemporary new music. The story unfolds over a one-year period as Eve defies the traditional conceptions of piano and pianist on a journey to find her own voice.  Born […]



SoloForDuet.ca interactive is a companion piece to the feature documentary Duet for Solo Piano, wherein Filmmaker Su Rynard followed Eve over the course of a year to chronicle the creative process of this extraordinary artist. This interactive work explores Eve’s desire to create a clean slate, to “erase herself” artistically, in order to discover a […]

Canaries in a Coal Mine at Paul Petro Contemporary Art, January 10 to Feb 15 2020


Paul Petro Contemporary Art presents Canaries in a Coal Mine, a group exhibition that looks at the troubling welfares of our times. The Goldilocks Zone refers to the habitable zone around a sun where a planet could possibly sustain life. Not so close to the sun that it is too hot and not so far […]



SoloForDuet.ca InSoloForDuet.ca, Eve Egoyan explores the space between what a piano can do and what she wishes a piano could do. Put on your headphones and take a journey with Eve, behind the music and beyond what is presented on stage. Created with HELIOS DESIGN LABS Interactive Directors Alex Wittholz and Su Rynard,Produced by Heather Grieve.

Silent Skies, Bear: The Fabulous Festival of Fringe Film, August 1-5 2013, Durham Ontario

In “Silent Skies” a songbird in flight travels over the landscapes of today’s troubled world. Directed by Su Rynard with Sarka Kalusova & Cassandra Nicolaou August 1-5 2013, Durham Ontario http://www.fabfilmfest.ca www.songbirdsos.com   Bear was shot over a two-year period in rural Ontario. Black bears were documented foraging for food in their ‘natural habitat’ – […]

Animal: October 7 – December 17, 2011

Kenderdine Art Gallery, Saskatoon, Saskatchewan