Duet For Solo Piano


An intimate portrait of a remarkable artist – Eve Egoyan. Eve Egoyan is an internationally renowned pianist and one of the world’s most sought-after interpreters of contemporary new music. The story unfolds over a one-year period as Eve defies the traditional conceptions of piano and pianist on a journey to find her own voice.  Born […]



SoloForDuet.ca interactive is a companion piece to the feature documentary Duet for Solo Piano, wherein Filmmaker Su Rynard followed Eve over the course of a year to chronicle the creative process of this extraordinary artist. This interactive work explores Eve’s desire to create a clean slate, to “erase herself” artistically, in order to discover a […]



SoloForDuet.ca InSoloForDuet.ca, Eve Egoyan explores the space between what a piano can do and what she wishes a piano could do. Put on your headphones and take a journey with Eve, behind the music and beyond what is presented on stage. Created with HELIOS DESIGN LABS Interactive Directors Alex Wittholz and Su Rynard,Produced by Heather Grieve.