Mosquito documentary – global premiere


Human impacts are driving many creatures to edge of extinction, yet we humans have changed the planet for the betterment of the mosquito. Please join us for the global premiere of the Mosquito documentary. Thursday July 9th, 9pm. You can read about the film in The Washington Post! Or watch the trailer here.      

CBC The Nature of Things: SongbirdSOS

SongbirdSOS is an exciting new television documentary. Premieres on CBC-TV’s The Nature Of Things, March 19, 2015 at 8 PM. See CBC Preview here […]

TV (Director)

Su Rynard is a Director on a number of series television projects, recent credits include: Mayday/Air Crash Investigation Produced by Cineflix for National Geographic USA/UK, Nazi Hunters Produced by Cineflix for the History Channel Canada/UK, and Canadian Made Produced by Primitive Entertainment for History Channel. For a list of credits please visit: LINKED IN Download or View CV (PDF) here […]