Some press

“Experimental, dramatic, parodic, engaging, the films of Toronto artist and filmmaker Su Rynard represent a remarkable range of film styles and thematic subjects. From her fascinating experimental works (Signal, Eight Men Called Eugene) to her dramatic shorts (Big Deal So What, Strands), Rynard’s work demonstrates the best aspects of Canadian independent filmmaking: a personal vision, a supple and diverse approach to style, and an intelligent, open perspective on the world being filmed.“
(Take One Magazine)

“Exceptionally successful and beautifully realized…”
(Washington Post)

“Playful narratives, part experimental, part Twilight Zone… totally feminist in their choice of protagonists and subversive points of view.”
(Harvard Film Archive)

“Rynard’s film features richly drawn characters and a sharp stylish visual design”
(Take One)

“… there is always a tickle of humour lurking there, a seductive tease…”
(Life Tests Catalogue)

“Kardia actually tries to be about something — something worth exploring — and too few films dare to do that. Su Rynard’s film is worth seeing… ”
(The Toronto Sun)

“Director Su Rynard has injected the film with a powerful visual eloquence, with handsomely framed shots that recall the magical realism of an Andrew Wyeth painting.”
(Inside Entertainment Magazine)

“A civilizing film for savage times. ”
(Pier Giorgio Di Cicco, Toronto Poet Laureate)

“Rynard is a filmmaker to watch”.
(Films in Review)