After a couple of Covid related re-schedulings, we are pleased to share that the premiere of the short film Études for Augmented Piano is finally happening! Please join us April 8th, 2022 at 8pm for the film screening and live concert performance at Koerner Hall. Tickets at the link below. Hope to see you there! TICKET INFORMATION BELOW


Eve Egoyan performs the world premieres of Works for Augmented and Acoustic Piano, which she created for a newly imagined instrument that delves into the space between what a piano can do and what Eve has always wished a piano could do. The core of these works is the live acoustic sound of the physical piano she is playing, but through the delicate intervention of technology, she tests (teases) the edges of the piano’s natural sound, ultimately pushing it beyond the familiar, through the impossible, and into the extraordinary. Program:  Eve Egoyan: Works for Augmented and Acoustic Piano (all world premieres)

Études for Augmented Piano (film)

“A Doubling”
“Still Life with Flowers”
“Ghosts beneath my Fingertips (for Viva)”
“Liquid Twilight”