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Reef Rescue

Jackson Wild WINNER Conservation Long Form Documentary Reef Rescue tells the story of five visionaries in a desperate race against time to unlock the secrets of millions of years of coral evolution, and try to speed it up. From high in the sky to under the sea, these scientists are working to “Assist Evolution” by creating resilient corals that can live in future ocean waters. The stakes are huge, as corals are so vital to life in the ocean that even we humans cannot survive without them.

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Duet For Solo Piano

An intimate portrait of a remarkable artist – Eve Egoyan. Eve Egoyan is an internationally renowned pianist and one of the world’s most sought-after interpreters of contemporary new music. The story unfolds over a one-year period as Eve defies the traditional conceptions of piano and pianist on a journey to find her own voice.  Born in Victoria B.C. Canada, Eve is the daughter of Armenian artists who emigrated from Cairo, and the sister of filmmaker Atom. The film weaves personal and musical moments —each one exploring the events that have shaped Eve and left their mark on who she is

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Canaries in a Coal Mine at Paul Petro Contemporary Art, January 10 to Feb 15 2020

Paul Petro Contemporary Art presents Canaries in a Coal Mine, a group exhibition that looks at the troubling welfares of our times. The Goldilocks Zone refers to the habitable zone around a sun where a planet could possibly sustain life. Not so close to the sun that it is too hot and not so far that it is too cold. Key to this habitability is water. In this narrow range of “just right” temperatures, water exists in three states; as a gas (water vapor), as a liquid (rain), and as a solid (snow and ice). Liquid water is necessary for

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