What Wants To Be Spoken, What Remains To Be Said

What Wants To Be Spoken, What Remains To Be Said utilizes visually evocative tableaus to create a fictional framework within which ‘real’ and ‘imagined’ histories are presented. The way in which interpretation sometimes becomes inseparable from what has actually occurred is explored.

Fragments taken from different versions of the legend of Marguerite de Roberval are presented as understood by the pioneer woman who interprets the legend through verse, illustration and her own ruminations. The historical treatment of the pioneer woman is seen through the juxtaposition of her ‘actual’ daily life with the ‘presentation’ of her daily life a hundred years later in the museum that was formerly her home. The contemporary woman in turn, looks for a connection between her life and the life of the pioneer woman whose home has become the display. She seeks an explanation from the past that will offer her a perspective on her contemporary life.


Drama, 16mm, 25 min. Featuring: Nancy Beatty. Written by: Helen Humphreys. Broadcast CBC
1992, colour, English