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Eco-system collapse, climate change, forest destruction, species extinction – these are some of the symptoms of the environmental crisis we are in, but the cause goes deeper. For centuries nature has been used and exploited for human gain, endangering the conditions that make life possible. But today there is a growing movement to acknowledge this mindset and to radically rethink the relationship human beings have with nature.

Seeing Green tells the story of three scientific renegades; a botanist, a forester, and a philosopher who listen and learn from plants.  Throughout their careers they have pushed boundaries and persevered through controversy.  Today the world is finally waking up to their message.

Robin Wall Kimmerer reveals how the revelations of plant science framed in an Indigenous worldview can create seismic change. With her discovery that trees communicate and collaborate, Suzanne Simard is revolutionizing forestry industry practices globally, while Paco Calvo’s infectious enthusiasm for plants challenges the perception that we humans are the only privileged, intelligent life form on earth.

In this era of accelerating disasters, can we learn how to live with nature rather than destroying it? Can the lessons learned from plants lead us out of the ecological and climate crisis we currently face?

Together Kimmerer, Simard and Calvo offer a bold new perspective that has the power to change how we see the world and our place in it.


Directed and Co-written by Su Rynard

Co-writer: Helen Humphreys

Producer: Nadine Pequeneza, Hit Play Productions


Writer / Director:
Su Rynard
Helen Humphreys