WILD GARDEN (working title) is an exciting new project in development

Eco-system collapse, climate change, forest destruction, species extinction – these are some of the symptoms of the environmental crisis we are in, but the cause goes deeper. For centuries nature has been used and exploited for human gain, endangering the conditions that make life possible. But today there is a growing movement to acknowledge this mindset and to radically rethink the relationship human beings have with nature.

Plants are the dominant life form on earth and our most immediate connection to nature. They are the base that sustains all life on this planet, yet we barely notice them. Changing our relationship with plant life is key to finding a way out of the current crisis. Can we learn to exist in a way that is beneficial to both plant and human life? What can we learn from plants if we dare to listen? Plants are key to human existence. They also may be what saves us.

Wild Garden takes audiences on a journey through vast and varied wilderness, ancient ruins, and exquisite cultivated gardens. Each in its own way is a landscape in peril, where we seek to discover a new way forward. Our guides on this quest are some of the most knowledgeable people on the cutting edge of ecology today.

These passionate people offer us a roadmap to the future. We enter their worlds and see their ideas in action: Botanists who show us how history is revealed by the changes in plant life. Gardeners who celebrate the beauty of horticulture while exposing the colonial underpinnings of botany itself. Ecologists who combine scientific and indigenous teachings to re-envision a future where we take less, and give back to the earth. Ordinary people who are working to re-wild landscapes in an effort to tackle climate change and restore ecosystems to the point where nature can take care of itself. Forest ecologists who show how plants have brilliantly evolved to thrive through symbiosis and complex collaborative communities. Researchers making headlines with discoveries about how smart plants really are and how we can join with plants to solve some of humanity’s most pressing problems.

Together these stories show us how we can move towards the balance that our world so desperately needs. Plants can teach us how to live and Wild Garden will inspire audiences to listen.


Writer / Director:
Su Rynard
Helen Humphreys