Canaries in a Coal Mine at Paul Petro Contemporary Art, January 10 to Feb 15 2020

Paul Petro Contemporary Art presents Canaries in a Coal Mine, a group exhibition that looks at the troubling welfares of our times.

The Goldilocks Zone refers to the habitable zone around a sun where a planet could possibly sustain life. Not so close to the sun that it is too hot and not so far that it is too cold. Key to this habitability is water. In this narrow range of “just right” temperatures, water exists in three states; as a gas (water vapor), as a liquid (rain), and as a solid (snow and ice). Liquid water is necessary for all life, and the constant movement between the three states of water creates the microclimates in which we live. No life that we know of has ever evolved anywhere in the universe outside the narrow Goldilocks range of temperatures.

In January 2018, temperatures across Ontario dropped to record breaking lows and Niagara Falls partially froze. In this moment, I was able to capture the three states of water in the singular image of the falls. This work is meant to serve as a reminder of the extraordinarily unique set of circumstances required to create a climate equilibrium supportive of life, and how the current climate crisis irrevocably changes this delicate balance.