Don’t Blink: Beauty or Beast

written & directed by Su Rynard
2018, 7:30 min

Explore the wondrous side of the common mosquito and the essential role it plays in the web of life. Featuring biologist Fiona Hunter, entomologist Curtis Russell and incredible macro insect photography by award winning cinematographer Mark Ellam and photographer Don Komarechka.

Beauty or Beast is EP 3 in DON’T BLINK web series
A salute to the scientific workings of our world, each episode focuses on something we may encounter every day — water, light, snow, an insect, a bird in flight. Yet when seen through the lens of current research in the physical and natural sciences, we reveal the world above, below and around us in a in a new, insightful and poignant way.

A ‘digital original’ series produced by Fred Graver / Discovery US and Facebook Watch.

Cinematography: Mark Ellam, John Price
Editors: Caroline Christie, Dennis Day, Su Rynard
Composer: Tom Third
Sound Design: Phil Strong

Special Thanks to YAP FILMS (Elliot Halpern, Elizabeth Trojian) and everyone involved in the feature production of MOSQUITO

Su Rynard
Sally Blake, Su Rynard
Phil Strong
John Price