Don’t Blink: Dreams of Flying

written and directed by Su Rynard
7 minutes, 2018

For centuries humans have been looking to the skies and dreaming of flight. Featuring extraordinary cinematography that reveals the motion of small birds in flight and mesmerizing footage of Starling Murmurations, Rynard takes us behind the scenes to reveal the unique process used to capture these fascinating images. Featuring commentary from biologist Kenneth C. Welch, Jr. and biologist Christopher G. Guglielmo.

DREAMS OF FLYING is EP 1 in DON’T BLINK web series
A salute to the scientific workings of our world, each episode focuses on something we may encounter every day — water, light, snow, an insect, a bird in flight. Yet when seen through the lens of current research in the physical and natural sciences, we reveal the world above, below and around us in a in a new, insightful and poignant way.

SPECIAL THANKS to the team at SongbirdSOS and The Messenger Documentary

Su Rynard
Fred Graver
Daniel Grant, Joshua See, John Price
Phil Strong